Joe Lieberman Is Leading A Congressional Push To Ban Taliban Tweets

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  • Senator Joe Lieberman, chair of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, is attempting to keep the Taliban off Twitter, which has been used in the past to spread terrorism propaganda. While some of the information tweeted about attacks has been accurate, a great deal of reports about American and British casualties have also been fabricated.

    Leslie Phillips, a spokesman for the senate homeland security committee, said, “Senator Lieberman’s efforts to eliminate violent Islamist extremism propaganda from the internet and social media has been a campaign of persuasion.

    “He has written letters, for example to Google seeking the company to enforce more strongly its terms of service, which ban the sort of thing that we see from violent Islamist extremists.

    “Google responded positively to the Senator’s letter.”

    What’s good for Google, may not be good for the little blue bird. According to the Telegraph, Twitter is reportedly rejecting the request.

  • Here’s some insight from the people making the streams social.