Larry King Moderates The First GOP Mock Cyber Debate

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  • Voters can get a full dose of political fodder today, thanks to the “Yahoo! News Funny Or Die GOP Presidential Online Internet Cyber Debate.” The panel of hopefuls, which are portrayed by actors, is moderating by the real one and only Larry King. The heated discussion features Horatio Sanz as Newt Gingrich, John C. McGinley as Rick Santorum, Greg Germann as Jon Huntsman, Patrick Warburton as Rick Perry, Leslie Jordan as Ron Paul, Erin Gibson as Michele Bachmann, Bryan Safi as Marcus Bachmann, and Reggie Brown as President Obama. Mike Tyson also reprises his Herman Cain for this special event.

    “With the politicians themselves often saying things that even our Funny Or Die writers couldn’t make up, we thought the time is right to stage the first ever online internet cyber debate town hall moderated by Larry King,” said Dick Glover, CEO of Funny Or Die. “Who better to do it with than Yahoo News.”

    How long before real presidential debates be streamed online?