ROC is the New ROI: How Tony Hsieh and Zappos Are Innovating Las Vegas (VIDEO)

  • During CES, while many were partying on the strip or schmoozing at the convention center, we were lucky enough to hang out with Tony Hsieh, the CEO of and pioneer behind the Downtown Project.

    The “Delivering Happiness” author and uber-entrepreneur, is taking over a huge lot in downtown Vegas to build the new Zappos offices. But instead, of just focusing on his own HQ, he’s creating a new model once again, using the construction to rebuild the surrounding community too. Hsieh has also launched a multi-million dollar fund to invest in startups that will be based in downtown Vegas as well. While I might be biased (I’m a friend of Hsieh’s), what he is doing is pretty inspirational and remarkable. Watch our video interview below where he describes ROC (return on community) as the new ROI.