Scientists Are Amazing: Man Tests Insulation on Hand with Blow Torch

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  • A viral hit on Youtube shows a man testing the power of an experimental insulation foam by taking a blow torch to his own hand. The scientist is seen scoping up a mushy green solid with his own hand, then holding an industrial-strength blow torch mere inches from his body, as he talks to the camera about the potential benefits of insulation.

    For the grand finale, he then scoops up the rest of the foam with a spoon and eats it, claiming that anyone who says that their product is safe, should ingest it themselves. “If you’re going to make a really non-toxic material, you should sit there and you should eat your own material.” Continuing, “All I’m going to get out of it is a little burping, probably.”

  • Not that we should have to disclaim, but do not try this at home. Do not put a blowtorch to your own hand, or test out the toxicity of materials by ingesting them. Instead, live vicariously through watching awesome scientists on Youtube.