Reddit User Proposes New Rotten Tomatoes Ratings

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    Rotten Tomatoes made a bold, but fan-focused move today.

  • In a bold, yet self-effacing move, Rotten Tomatoes tweeted a linked-post by a Reddit user this afternoon. In the link, the user proposes a three-rating system of determining a movie’s “freshness” on the RT site.

    In the current system, the site is simply charged with finding as many respected critical reviews as possible and determining whether each review is positive (“fresh”) or negative (“rotten”). Then, upon judgement, the reviews are added-up and the movie’s score is determined by the percentage of fresh reviews. A fresh movie is one with a score ≤60%. The rest are rotten.

    The proposed system complicates things–but in a cool, social network way. Check out the post below…

    …or here.

    While users are currently able to rank movies on their own, interactivity requires a third-party social network, like Facebook or Twitter to take a user beyond the first degree. Rotten Tomatoes also asked their fans and followers to weigh-in on the proposal.

    Rotten Tomatoes is undoubtably the leading site for compiled movie reviews on the internet. One principle that has helped their popularity is simplicity and this would definitely complicate things. But, is this the formula to taking the already popular site to the next level?