30 Rock Premieres Web Series With Donald Glover and Friends

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    Jack Donaghy stars in ‘The Donaghy Files’

  • As if you weren’t psyched enough by the television return of 30 Rock and Alec Baldwin’s smooth talking Jack Donaghy a few weeks ago, NBC has premiered their supplemental web series ‘The Donaghy Files’ with a Superbowl-themed episode yesterday. The episode features the voices of Baldwin (as the titular Jack Donaghy), Donald Glover (as his rapping alter-ego Childish Gambino), Michael McDonald (himself), and Ryan Adams (also himself).

    The plot of the episode revolves around an apparent injury to Madonna that has forced Donaghy to search for a replacement Half-time act. McDonald, Adams, and Gambino are the finalists for the role – but, there is a catch. According to Donaghy, NBC-Universal-Kabletown has only purchased Madonna’s song rights, McDonald, Adams, and Gambino/Glover/’Lover (a mentioned-reference to Glover’s former Twitter handle) are forced to sing one of three NBC series theme songs that, of course, have tested well with focus groups.

    Impressively paced and well written, ‘Files’ works. But, I am not going to ruin the episode as a whole or the two non-advertised cameos at the end of the 4.3 minute piece. So, take a look for yourself…