Mitt Romney’s Most Viral Campaign Photo To Date

  • Update: the photo appears to be a very clever fake, according to Business Insider. It appears that someone did a solid photoshop job on switching the “M” and “O”, while preserving the wrinkled shirt and light reflection.

    For a quick giggle, an ironic photo of Republican presidential front-runner, Mitt Romney, is being circulated around Twitter standing in front of children that inadvertently spell “money” with their shirts. The photo captures Romney rearranging children, each wearing a letter of his last name. In the process, the letters are seen spelling “Money.” Note: There is no confirmation of whether this is photo is actually real.

    Romney has had a difficult time distancing himself from his past at Bain Capital, which notoriously bought up failing companies and attempted to make them profitable, sometimes by laying off workers.

    A more recent look into Romney’s finances makes him one of the richest candidates ever.

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