Surfaced Video Of Zuckerberg Before He was Famous

  • Old video of an up-and-coming Facebook has surfaced on Youtube. The footage shows Mark Zuckerberg and his early team of rag-tag engineers doing keg stands and casually talking about the future of Facebook on a collegy-looking couch.

    Back then, he was a little less ambitious, “Like a lot of people are focused on, like, taking over the world, or doing the biggest thing, getting the most users,” adding that he didn’t have plans to necessarily go to every college (let alone every person in the world).

    He also said The Facebook “wasn’t to make an online community, but sort of like a mirror for the real community that existed in real life.” Continuing, it was a way to meet new people, “you can like message them, and that’s just like a really informal way to start a dialog.

    Watch the whole video below: