Nike Releases New Data-Recording Shoe

  • Fresh off of the release of the Nike Fuel Band, Nike has added another smart-phone powered product to its data-sensing lineup: a shoe that records speed, jump height, and the how vigorously a person is moving. Pressure sensors inside of the shoe record data, and feed it back to an iPhone-enabled app, which allows wearers to track their progress. It even allows showmen to overlay the data on videos of themselves performing all kinds of feats.

    “I think Nike+ Basketball will change the game,” said LeBron James in the official Nike Press release. “Giving every player access to this level of information will have a huge impact on the way players train and play the game.”

    The shoe design will come in three products: the Nike Hyperdunk+ (will be released first), the Lunar Hyper Workout+ training shoe for women, and the Lunar TR1+ for men:

  • Nike will also be releasing a new kind of shoe with a sock-like feel, the Flyknit, which has a knitted structure for more flexibility: