Watch Steven Spielberg Upset After 1976 Oscar Snub

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    Spielberg in 1976.

  • Legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg was a very excited man in 1976. After his box-office sweeping film, “Jaws” he was sure he was going to earn a Best Director nomination at the 48th Academy Awards.

    “Jaws is about to be nominated in 11 nomiations, and you’re about to see a sweep,”  Spielberg, who at the time was 30-years-old, said in a video recorded as the nominations for that year’s awards were announced.

    As the nominations for Best Director category were announced, his name was not heard.

    “I didn’t get it. I wasn’t nominated,” he said in a monotonic voice, his hands in the shape like fists pressed against his face.

    Although upset after his snubbing, he was still hopeful that the shark would be nominated for Best Actress, but in the end his landmark film would go on to win Oscars for Best Film Editing, Best Original Dramatic Score and Best Sound.

    Check out the young Spielberg’s Oscar snub reaction.