Warren Sapp tackles Bounties and Peyton Manning’s Layoff

  • Football star Warren Sapp joins Shira Lazar on the influencer couch and discusses the emerging scandal of bounties paid to defensive linemen to sack quarterbacks with an intent to cause harm. He also discusses the Colts dropping Peyton Manning.

    “Trust me, everybody’s gonna take a look at Peyton Manning,” said Sapp on the news of Manning getting dropped by the Colts.

    “You couldn’t walk into a room and offer us a $1,000 for the quarterback. He was already going to get tasted. He was the desert!” said Sapp, commenting on why a defender wouldn’t need the controversial bounty to take opponents out of the game for money.

    “In my 13 years, it was never discussed,” he said. “It was just this one rogue coordinator.”

    Also, answering Lazar’s question about the ability of more football players to famous, he says “It’s easier now. Because, There’s Twitter, there’s facebook, there’s Google+–there’s a bunch a different things that you can ignite a whole army” of fans.

    Watch full video below: