Calgary Teen Tweets Info About Party, Goes Viral in Canada

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    Calgary student Hunter Mills wears a shirt featuring his party’s hashtag. Source: Jeremy Nolais/Metro Calgary.

  • Did you catch the #projectkris hashtag this week? Unlike many hashtags, this one has a very interesting story behind it. It’s a 21st Century teen dream come true.

    After telling friends about a party via Twitter on Monday, Calgary high school student Hunter Mills inadvertently started a trending topic that consumed his hometown before spreading across Canada. His original Tweets generated about 5,500 tweets, according to an Ottawa-based digital public affairs strategist.

    The hashtag was a nod to the upcoming found-footage party film “Project X.” Days after his Twitter announcement, the topic was shared as far off as Australia and the Middle East.

    Of course, once the trend began sounding a bit too familiar to the actual film, which depicts an epic rager planned by a group of high school friends, Calgary police took notice.

    The party was scheduled to take place at a friends house, but due to the attention and an original invite list of 60 that has surely grown, Mills told the Toronto Star that his party will take place in a secret location.