Author Guy Kawasaki talks about digital publishing

  • Guy Kawasaki stopped by the Samsung Blogger Lounge on Sunday at SXSW to talk to Shira Lazar about his new e-book, What the Plus.

    “It costs less than a Starbucks grande latte,” Kawasaki told Shira. The book works as a guide for people interested in Google+, and it also explores why some people like Kawasaki are huge fans of the social medium.

    “I love Google+ because the quality of the comments is much higher, and I love that I can reedit my posts at anytime,” Kawasaki said.

    His decision to publish the book online-only allowed him to “print” the book faster and earn him more revenue. “It’s much easier to just remaster it, re-upload it, and you’ll know everyone has the most current version.”

    Check out the entire interview here.