Beat Your Cat (At An IPad Game)

  • Something unbelievable debuted at SXSW today. In a week that will be filled with awesome live shows, fantastic movie premiers, and interesting panels, SXSW may have topped itself already during the first few days. The first ever interspecies game was introduced for your IPad!

    That’s right, now you can play a game with your cat. You think your cat is always arrogantly smirking at you? Well, smack that grin off its face (not literally of course) by beating it in a air-hockey type of game where you shoot things and your cat acts like goalie and tries to swat them away. Sounds fun for both you and your cat. This particular game is part of series of other games designed for cats by Friskies Cat Food.

    Video for this game isn’t up yet, but here’s video of another game they’ve developed for your cat.