CEO of Virgin David Cush Knows Life is About Having Fun

  • Did you know that Virgin Airlines is the fastest growing airline in history of the industry?

    Me neither, but CEO of Virgin David Cush enlightened us when he sat down with Shira Lazar. They also talked about Virgin’s culture of fun, the historical value of Philadelphia, and making big splashes.

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  • Why was it important to launch a flight from Philadelphia?

    “I think the key thing is that Philadelphia is a very historic city. When you walk around, history is all around you. It’s really the cradle of everything that happened in this country…but more importantly, it’s a huge commerce zone. There are big banks, big universities, big medical facilities. So, we are there to have a little fun, but also to make a little money.”

    On Virgin’s habit of having big events”

    “We are a smaller airline, so we have to make a big splash. We are going up against airlines ten, twenty times our size. So, we make sure when we go in, people know that we are there. Of course, having Sir Richard around helps and he always wants to make a big splash.”

    Explaining Virgin’s culture of fun:

    “We take our business seriously, but we also know that life is about having fun. And we’ve created an environment on our airplanes, as well in our company where people can actually enjoy things, that’s the way to do it.”

    How has the airline evolved over the years?

    “It’s mainly been about growing. I think we all try to keep this small airline feel where we all know each other and we try to keep this personal touch when it comes to our guests, but it’s really been about growth and adding airplanes….we are the fastest growing airline in the history of the industry, but also trying to keep our small airline feel.”