All-American Rejects Frontman Tyson Ritter Creates Don’t Hate on Haiti Charity

  • All American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter started his own charity, Don’t Hate on Haiti, which benefits Charity: Water to provide clean water for the people of Haiti.

    After being shocked by TV footage of the earthquake in Haiti, Ritter met Charity: Water’s Scott Harrison at an event. The kismet and coincidence prompted him focus on how he could do his best to help the relief effort.

    Most recently, Ritter’s non-profit teamed with Valiant Watches, allowing 25% of the proceeds to go to Don’t Hate on Haiti. From there, 100% of the proceeds go to Charity: Water.

    “I’m sort of like a middle man that focuses just on Haiti,” says Ritter.

    He makes it a point to note Charity: Water’s informative and inclusive process for any donator. “Every dollar that you give, they give you a geotag for your project.” So those who fund can track the change that they provide.

    Ritter was tired of so-called “fad causes.” After all, it’s estimated to take 30 years to repair the damages from the earthquake.

    “It’s funny how we Americans — whatever’s hot the next week — we can turn a blind eye to what happens right in front of us. And it doesn’t go away,” Ritter says. “The problem’s still there and until it’s gone I’m going to do what I can to help out.”

    On the music side of things, he’ll be using his upcoming All-American Rejects tour with Blink-182 to spread awareness about the non-profit’s effort.

    His band also has a new album out called “Kids in the Street.” Even though they’re embracing Twitter and other forms of social media, Ritter jabs: “We’re a band that started before MySpace and YouTube.” With every album they release, there’s a new potential marketing platform to embrace.

    But he won’t lie. He loves it.

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