You Might Be a Terrorist If You Use These Words Online

  • Journalist and best-selling author Joel Stein joined television personality Stevie Ryan on the What’s Trending couch to talk to Shira about current projects and the lattest trending news.

    Also joining Shira and the guests was Social Media Correspondent Louis Virtel.

    With a pair of media-savvy guests on hand, Shira asked how they felt about a list recently released by the Department of Homeland security, which the government uses to monitor social networking sites. Some where obvious to raise red flags–the names of terrorist organizations, for example–but others were a bit surprising, like “pork.”

    “My wife is going to get called in,” Stein joked of the list, which included the names of diseases like the flu. Ryan was glad there were certain words that were not on the list. Words like “fingersnuggle,” which she created.

    On a serious note, Stein said the list doesn’t bother him but the idea of people searching his content does.

    Speaking about individual projects, Stein spoke about his new book, titled Man Made: A Stupid Quest for Masculinity, which helped explore his masculine side after he found out that his wife was expecting a boy.

    “Can you tell that I’m manlier now?” he asked Shira. His research led him to some extraordinary experiences. “I did three days of boot camp with the army, and they let me fire a tank afterward. I fought UFC fighter Randy Couture for one round. And then I went hunting, did 24-hours with firefighters, typical man stuff.”

    Ryan arrived in Los Angeles to pursuit acting and ended up creating her own content online and never really looked back. She’s also quite the comedian, starring in her own sketch comedy show, “Stevie TV” on VH1.

    “I still don’t think I’m funny,” Ryan said, before doing an impression of a character called Little Loca.