A scheduled interview on BBC Radio 1 with Logan Paul and KSI was pulled after massive backlash from commenters on the internet. For what it’s worth, BBC Radio said it decided not to air the interview because it wasn’t “good enough.”

BBC Radio has decided not to air a scheduled interview with Logan Paul, after considerable online backlash.

On July 24, BBC Radio 1 announced an interview with Logan Paul and KSI to promote their upcoming amateur boxing match.

Charlie Sloth had previously criticized Logan Paul, naming him as the “Wally of the Week” after his infamous misstep in Japan’s Suicide Forest. Now, if you’ll remember, from way back in January, Logan Paul offended millions with his flippant demeanor when approaching a suicide victim in Japan.

He posted a rushed apology video on YouTube and followed it up with a video about suicide prevention, where he pledged to donate $1 million to suicide prevention efforts.

But from there it was back to business as usual. For example, tasing a dead rat on his balcony, and before long, he had scheduled an amateur boxing match against British YouTuber KSI, with his brother Jake scheduled to fight Deji. After the backlash, BBC Radio 1 deleted its original tweet promoting the interview, and announced it had scrapped the interview

They tweeted: “After listening back to the interview we don’t feel it’s right. We understand some of your strong views on Logan – but ultimately if we don’t think the interview is good enough – we don’t air it.”

Huh, so the decision not to air the interview isn’t because of the backlash to giving him free publicity..but because the interview isn’t good?

Is that for real, or is BBC Radio just saying that? We’re not sure how long the interview lasted or what was talked about, though one report said that, in the interview, he claimed to have bet $1 million on himself to beat KSI in three rounds.

Now, BBC Radio may be withholding their interview with Logan Paul, but Casey Neistat just posted his, where he discusses the KSI fight and his upcoming documentary about the suicide forest video and what’s happened since then.

In that interview, he talks about being obsessed with getting validation from his fans, to the point where he became solely a “content creator,” and forgot to be a human being. The interview’s pretty fascinating for fans of Logan Paul or fans of this “saga” in general – so it’s worth checking out unless you’re against giving Paul any more attention whatsoever.

One more thing we have to mention is that, in the frenzy of so many tweets either defending or criticizing Logan Paul, this one from @bri_fowle might be the most interesting.

What do you guys think? Should Logan Paul be getting any more free publicity or do you want him removed from your eyeballs for all time? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending