Borat Star Sacha Baron Cohen Ready to Mess With Trump

What could the mysterious video he released mean?

Sacha Baron Cohen, the superstar character comedian, prankster, and brain behind Ali G, Borat, Bruno and more, has released a mysterious trailer on his Twitter feed for what seems to be his latest insane prankster project. It’s exciting for a litany of reasons.

For one Cohen has shied away from these kinds of projects since Bruno, almost a decade ago, when a doctor recognize Cohen during a prank and Cohen decided he’s too well known (not to mention the fact that he was almost murdered during the movie’s final scene), so if this is indeed a return to his pure pranking form (maybe the only truly socially relevant pranks we’ve seen), we’re excited for it. Borat, for however fun it is to say “My Wife” as if you’re quoting a cereal box, remains one of our most searingly abrasive satirical films, so we’re excited to see what Sacha Baron Cohen has to say about the white supremacist adoring president and his weird grifter college he ended up getting sued for.

Trump, a habitual liar who has a predictable pattern of behavior, has left behind what some have dubbed “A Tweet For Every Occasion”. For everything he does, there is a Tweet where he maintains he would NEVER do the thing he is currently doing. Is he bombing Syria without the approval of congress? Folks, here’s a Tweet where he decries Obama for bombing Syria without the approval of congress. It’s… well, it’s upsetting, as a lot of things involved with politics have been in the last year.

Well, when Trump, the President of the United States, was pranked by Stuttering John, a Howard Stern sidekick trying to give his podcast a boost, the Twitter goof force (yeah, that’s a good nick name) dug up a Tweet where he bragged how he NEVER falls for pranks, and walked out of his Ali Gi interview.

Sacha Baron Cohen maintained that Trump stayed for seven minutes before leaving, which is quite a bit of time to talk to a man talk to a living cartoon characters.

So this is a meeting of the minds. Sacha Baron Cohen, the human Bugs Bunny (elaborate costumes and all) takes on the biggest dumbest blowhard. I am absolutely excited.

What do you think of this latest Sacha Baron Cohen project? If “My Wife” still funny? I mean, I think it is. But in any case, let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending