Real Danny DeVito Blesses College Bathroom DeVito Trash Shrine

"I don't know how many years on this Earth I got left. I'm going to get real weird with it."

How dare you deny the power of Danny DeVito! From his role on Taxi, to his work as the Tim Burton Penguin in Batman Returns, to his work as Frank Reynolds, America’s filthiest freak, the is a Danny DeVito role for each and every audience. (You bugged out normies can see him in the Dumbo remake if that’s your freaked out bag, man). So lo and behold, one college student’s thrill when he discovered this Danny DeVito shrine gently carved out in the bathrooms at Purchase College in New York City. Check out the glorious shrine to all things DeVito in a video below.

The students seem amazed, rightfully so, when they find a little photo of Danny DeVito surrounded by garbage. A message under the photo states: “Leave an Offering to Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito. Patron Saint of Trash.” A cross stands above the cute little DeVito photo which is indeed surrounded by garbage, a seeming nod and celebration of his beautifully filthy Frank Reynolds character from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Glorious.

“This is so weird”, proclaim the college kids, incredibly accurate. Weird and yet… nice, right? Is Danny DeVito becoming the new generation’s Bill Murray? His characters’ filthy ways mirroring the way that Bill Murray’s “above it all” characters spoke to a different generation?

In any case, the Danny DeVito shrine got a new follower into its midst after this glorious secret college quarter discovered it in their midst: Danny DeVito himself! On Twitter, DeVito, responding to a Mashable article about the shrine devoted to both him and garbage, said:

Your shrine honors me. My heart is filled with love and garbage.Tomorrow, as you may know, is my name day. Do something that makes you feel good. Above all be kind to each other. Pick up trash, recycle, and be aware of plastics in the ocean

Thank you Mr. DeVito, for letting your beautiful characters’ filthy light shine on us!

For what it’s worth, Danny DeVito’s final words in the Always Sunny in Philadelphia season finale will have me in tears for a while. There’s beauty to the filth, you dang fools!

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