The Sandy Hook Promise Releases a Chilling New Back to School PSA

Warning: This  video may contain graphic content
The Sandy Hook Promise, a non-profit gun prevention group including parents of children killed December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The organization’s mission it is to prevent school shootings has released a back to school PSA that is very chilling to watch.
A school shooting can be preventable. The Sandy Hook Promise has provided a program where people can get educated on the signs of a school shooting. Check out the signs here and how you can help protect a school from another shooting.
The powerful video starts off as just your average back to school commercial showing students happily showing off their must-have back to school essentials, like a backpack and folders that will help them stay organized during the new school year. The video then takes a turn for the worse.
A student is putting on his brand new headphones as others are the background frantically running. Clearly, a school shooting is happening at the moment behind him. As one student shows off his brand new shoes, you can see he is running away from a chaotic scene. The most graphic part of the PSA is when it shows a student applying pressure to another student’s bleeding leg with only a tourniquet and a sock. It all comes to an end with the most heartbreaking scene, featuring a young girl is hiding in a bathroom stall. She texts her mom saying “I love you” as tears stream down her face. Fearing for her life, she says to camera “And I finally got my own phone to stay in touch with my mom”. After that, the bathroom door creepily opens and viewers can assume the girl is preparing herself for the worse.

Did the video do enough to make a point about the importance of gun reform or did it go to o far?