VIDEO: Creep Tries To Kiss Reporter at World Cup

Eww. Ugh. What a creep.

Hey folks, I got a nice rule of thumb for you. Don’t kiss strangers on the street. It’s not a great thing to do, is harassment, and if that’s not enough to dissuade you, check out this stomach churning video of a complete stranger ambushing the space of TVGlobo reporter and SportTV journalist Julia Guimarães. The stranger tried to kiss her as she was reporting from the World Cup in Russia.

The video is tough to watch, as we see the man try to assault her out of nowhere. We can’t hear Julia’s response to the man, but it seems a lot more even tempered than what the dude probably deserves. A lot of “Never do this. It’s not polite, it’s not right”, when something not trying to make it a learning moment would have also been acceptable. Maybe that’s why she’s an on air journalist, she can maintain the coolest head as people are being just absolute creeps and monsters. Ugh.

We hear the guy quietly say sorry a little bit off screen, but come on fella, what did you expect to happen? Did you expect someone to be overjoyed at the prospect of harassment? So next time you think that your unsolicited and unprompted advanced are wanted, just think about what a doof this dude looked like. And also don’t violate folks’ personal boundaries. It’s not great.

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