VIDEO: Shark Thieves Steal Shark By Disguising Shark As Baby

Goo goo, ga... shark!?

Folks, how would you steal a shark? Not a question I ever thought I would have to ask, and yet here we are, asking, demanding, making a query on shark stealing. The correct answer is of course, “don’t steal a shark”. But if you absolutely must, I guess wrapping it like a little baby and carrying out of the aquarium in a stroller. is absolutely one way to go about it. At least that’s how the baby shark known only by the name “Ms. Helen” was stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium.

Don’t believe me? There’s video. There is security footage of people pretending that a shark is a baby in order to sneak it out of an aquarium! Enjoy, folks!

Shark theives

This is a video of the suspects. This is linking to the earlier post about the Horn Shark that was stolen from the San Antonio Aquarium.

Posted by San Antonio Aquarium on Monday, 30 July 2018

The shark was eventually returned, and it turned out the shark thieves were getting ready to sell the shark for $300. That’s it!? That’s how much you would spend on a baby shark!? Yeesh! I’ll buy one a month, who cares. Open up my own shark feeding zoo. Call them all “Better Than The San Antonio Zoo Shark”. It will be beautiful.

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