VIDEO: Adorable Five Year Old Jumps With Bear at Zoo

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Do you people love bears? Do you love jumping? Do you love cute kids? What’s that? You think that’s the surefire formula for a near perfect adorable animal video? Well, do I have the video for you!

Taken at the Nashville Zoo by one Patrick Parker, we see a child playing with that most adorable of wild animals… the Andean Bear. What? How? Huh? With an entire species separating the two, the bear and the kid found a grand shared language: jumping! Bear and boy, boy and bear at the Nashville Zoo, one following the other and a shared interest of big goofy jumping was formed.

According to Patrick, who was filming his son Ian, the duo enjoyed what is, and I quote, a “10-minute jump session”. Truly the greatest of cuties united to both delight each other and to make our hearts, personally, melt. Thank you boy and bear for this delightful showcase of mega cuteness.

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