VIDEO: Adorable Toddler Calls Dad Fart Machine, Deeply Misses Dad

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We here at What’s Trending headquarters know that the American people want their adorable viral videos for the day. Last week we gave you a dog breaking up a fight between two cats, and now we have this little viral bit of cuteness: a toddler’s adorable goodbye ritual with his father involves him calling his dad a fart machine. The dad calls his son a fart machine, the toddler calls his dad a fart machine. Well– just watch it below, because there’s a twist.

Did you see the twist? The little kid forgot to tell his dad he loves him! Aww! The toddler runs out after his dad knowing that life is not a bit! Life is not simply a series of gags and goofs, of machines and farts! No, we have to be kind! We have to show love! We have to tell the people around us that we love them!

The toddler runs out, diapered, to tell his dad that he loves him, crying it at the top of his lungs! We must let the people around us know we love them! This child knows what is important out there! Still, he also knows how funny saying “Fart Machine” is. Truly this is a wise child.

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What do you think of the fart machine video? Did it remind you of your own son? Are you going to go and call your dad now? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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