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I used to write the captions for this “fail video” website, and when I saw something too insane, too terrifying, I always considered that the real moral to all of this is “don’t leave your house”. The only thing that can get you in the house is everything that can’t get you outside and eternal loneliness. Okay, maybe you should leave your house, but if you do, and you go air-gliding, make sure you’re properly strapped in, or you can end up like this guy, hanging on for dear life by the tips of his fingers as he flies over Switzerland when his air gliding instructor did not properly strap him in! Ahhhh!

Uploaded by YouTube user Grusk3, in a video whose words are very much underselling the terror, and whose all caps completely sell it: SWISS MISHAP. Indeed, it is a mishap in Switzerland, but mishap implies something delightful and comical, and what we have here is a swath of superhuman strength saving a man from death as he soars above the trees in absolute terror. Eeeeeeep.

The man hangs on for an incredible three minutes, at one point pointing out that his hand can’t really hold on as much as it needs to at a certain point, and if they didn’t land, well, he wouldn’t be there to tell this horrifying story now! In the end, the glider takes him down to the ground and he rolls off as the glider shows how to make a landing that isn’t steeped in some kind of terror.

In the end, the man who was hanging on for dear life had his wrist suffer a “distal radius fracture”, and he tore his bicep from hanging on for dear life for so long to a metal bar. But, as he so bluntly puts it at the end of the video, “it beats the alternative”. Yeesh!

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