VIDEO: Anthony Bourdain Enjoying Meal at Waffle House Going Viral

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As people remember Anthony Bourdain, the brilliant television personality, and chef whose show connected the world more through empathy, understanding, and humanity, there are few things that can speak for the personality more than his own work. Bourdain went to countries all over the world and ate food both expensive and cheap (he shared $6 noodles, famously, with Barack Obama), but currently going around is a clip of Anthony Bourdain enjoying a derided food back home. The clip shows Bourdain at The Waffle House with a chef Sean Brock who is a fan of the restaurant.

In the clip, we can see Anthony Bourdain give the kind of poetic well written and verbose introduction that he would give the finest or most foreign eatery to that all American staple — The Waffle House. He talks to the chef Sean Brock and listens to him discuss being inspired watching the line cooks create meals. Their food of choice in this scenario? Pecan waffles drowning in syrup and butter. And as for Bourdain? Well, the guy loves it, which speaks to the uniqueness of his point of view and palette. The guy loves cultures and loves food, whether its the finest noodles in another country across the world or a dingy chain diner in the South. The man truly loved other human beings and food and it is that love which makes him so sorely missed following the tragic events of Friday morning.

Barack Obama, who himself shared a $6 bowl of noodles with Bourdain, said:

You can read our obituary to Anthony Bourdain and his incredible influence on our culture, television or just his magnetic personality, here.


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