VIDEO: Ariana Grande Shows Off Sentient Crime Fighting Ponytail On Tonight Show

Ariana Grande showed off her crime fighting pony tail in an amazing sketch from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
By Alex Firer

Oh, celebrity stars. What secrets do you keep from us mere mortals? Us normals who only deign to enjoy your music through your various musical accomplishments. Ariana Grande is one figure whose mysteries are hidden to us from the world. For example, when did she and Pete Davidson REALLY start dating? Who turned her album art photo upside down? (Was it a ne’er do well?) And, as shown in this Jimmy Fallon sketch, one question we’ve never had properly answered or even thought to ask: does Ariana Grande’s ponytail actually have secret crime fighting powers?

In the sketch posted above, we see Jimmy Fallon come in to try to talk to Ariana Grande only to be waylaid — as so many are — by the powers of her pony tail. The pony tail picks up the phone, signs Questlove’s album, brings Fallon a drink and even has a voice all of its own. A weird gruff manly voice that speaks more in cartoony sound effects.

At the end of the sketch the pony tails stops a crime, chasing a criminal up and down the halls of the Ed Sullivan set until finally beating him, handcuffing him, and returning a purse to the woman who it was stolen from. At the end the duo take a selfie together with the ponytail showing that the mysteries of existence, sure they may be frightening, but we only fear that which we do not know and folks– we now know this pony tail. This pony tail is now our very good friend. Thank you Ariana Grande’s pony tail.

But now we have some question for Jimmy Fallon. Hey Jimmy, do you really visit celebs in the middle of the day? Would you actually high five hair or just walk away giggling? Look, much to think about. Much too much.

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