VIDEO: Australian Plane Passenger FIGHTS Rest Of Plane

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We here at What’s Trending know what you audiences want. You want blood, you want gore, you want untold amounts of violence teleported into your eyeballs — or you just want the kind of social event where you just gawk and quietly whisper “well, I guess it takes all kinds to make a world, don’t it?” Either way, both reactions are not wrong when you see this insane video fo a man losing his mind on an airport as a vast mob of people have to take him down Popeye fight scene style. You know, a mass of people all pushing down on one guy in a vast dust cloud of battle. It is bananas.

But what is the story behind the massive Super Smash Bros style horde battle that is this bananas video? Well the plane, a Scoot Airlines plane to be precise (adorable) was flying from the Gold Coast in Australia to Singapore, China, when the flawed protagonist in the video began losing his gosh darn mind only twenty minutes in and the fists? Well, they began a flying! Alcohol is blamed for this outburst, although a lot of us drink and don’t turn cartoon boxers, so take this with a grain of salt.

The plane ended up stopping in Sidney, Australia where the multiple combatants to his man’s personal Bruce Lee movie waited for more than seven hours for their new flight.

The spoils of battle. The work of those who fight in the name of good or bad and alcohol (the latter in this case is more applicable), they are not understood by all. It takes eons to train your body (to be this drunk), the (lack of) discipline it takes to do this kind of battle — it is massive. It is great. It is vast.

This is… The Shaw Bros’… Enter The Dragon Aka This Specific Plane With This Huge Weirdo.



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