VIDEO: Bear Smashes Way Out Of Car

A bear got himself locked in a minivan and then smashed his way out of the window in an insane and dramatic video.
By Alex Firer

At this point, are bears just used to the presence of humans? Do you think their thousand year old instincts have made room for the presence of dumb snacks at the picnic sites, ornery weirdos and– in this case — minivans? Or do you think that every time they come across the inventions of man it’s the same as if we were visited by cybernetic aliens? Like, we are its Great Gazoo to their Fred Flintstone or something. In any case, those are just some of the thoughts going through my mind as I watch this video of a bear straight up Kool-Aid Man bursting out of a car window.

Yikes!!! Ahhhh! Nicole Minkin Lissenden, who both owned the minivan and uploaded the video, posted the insane story of just how the bear got into their car, what they tried to do to get the bear out of the car, and what the bear decided to do to get out of the car! From the write up to the video:

A bear opened the door to our unlocked van. I unwittingly closed him in, then went back a while later to retrieve something from the car, I realized a bear was inside. After the automatic doors failed to open, my husband had to unlock it with the key. The bear found another way out. We’re alive – our van, not so much!

I mean, as long as the people are okay! Stinks about the car though? Doesn’t that bear understand the importance of respecting the property of others!? How would he like it if a human got trapped in his favorite salmon and then burst their way out?! That’s right, I know what your favorite thing is bear, it’s a big old fish, and we’re going to Hulk smash our way from inside it, so be prepared!

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