VIDEO: Beautiful! Dog Stops Cat Friend From Fighting Other Cat

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A video spread around Twitter of a dog stopping his little cat friend from fighting, and it is absolutely beautiful.

We all have that one friend — that one friend who can’t help but continue to get himself into trouble. Sure, he might be in the right (sometimes), but there’s no point in engaging in something that can leave their body, or their life, screwed up. So it did our hearts good to watch this unbelievably good dog break up a fight between two cats, and lead his little cat buddy by his leash back to his circle. What an admirably good dog.

The video is beautiful as well. It shows a cat in his pounce mode, ready to do battle with… something. His stance is slow, but the golden retriever has no time for this. He comes, scoops the cat by its leash, and brings it back to his family, which seems to constitute another golden retriever. As he does we see another cat, also ready for battle, but come on. We don’t have time for this. We have time for love and family, not trouble.

Friendship is a wonderful thing where we forgive the flaws our friend but not let them get away with it. This dog is certainly doing that. The dog isn’t just loyal, it’s understanding of who his cat friend is. I’m going to watch this video daily to wipe a tear from my eye at all times. Hey, dog — good dog. And cat? You’re a good cat with some problems and once you solve them things will be easier for both you and your golden retriever friends. I believe in you and your journey.

And third cat? I don’t know what you were up to here. But I give you the benefit of the doubt.

All is love between me and the video animals.


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