VIDEO: Between Two Ferns Returns With Cardi B and Jerry Seinfeld

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Between Two Ferns, Zach Galifianakis’ and writer Scott Aukerman’s hit satirical web talk show, where stars have awkward interviews, continuous put-downs and weirdly harsh zingers, is back! And, it’s back with not just one star, but two, as Jerry Seinfeld and Cardi B come on to experience the incredible hurricane that is this incredibly fun as hell show.

Jerry Seinfeld comes on and immediately Galifianakis accidentally calls him Jerry Sandusky, before quickly pivoting to his actual name. He praises Jerry’s show for being a launching pad for white people and continues to complain about how Seinfeld is a star that no one at all cares about. He even says Bee Movie should be called D Movie. It’s savage, folks!

Wayne Knight comes out to greet Seinfeld sincerely, which gets under Jerry’s skin of course, and the skin is dug under even deeper when Cardi B comes on! Galifianakis treats Cardi B like a queen, giving her baby clothes as a parody of the time Mulaney got her child a cardigan on Fallon. The baby clothes’ color? Gender neutral pink!

When Seinfeld comes back on the show, miffed, Galifianakis calls it short before stepping out to do a stand up set in front of an audience about what an old host Jerry is in a parody of the end credits of every episode of Seinfeld.

Last time Between Two Ferns was seen on our beautiful digital airwaves, it was with special guest Hillary Clinton. Oh, our hearts filled with hope at the boost the Democratic presidential candidate would receive and then… well, it didn’t end up going great, which bodes poorly for Seinfeld’s and Cardi B’s presidential chances but bodes wonderfully for the chances of me… laughing.


Chortle. Chortle. Chortle.

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