VIDEO: Bunny Digs Out Kitten Friend

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We don’t know for sure — but are rabbits capable of altruism? I know dogs can feel more love than any human being could aside the moment a human is holding their first born. Like, every moment of a dog’s life they look like they’re wrestling with the power of holding their first born son — but are rabbits capable of complex emotions such as affection? This one certainly seems to be interested in the concept, as this resurfaced video of a bunny digging out his stuck kitten friends has soared online, making our hearts rise. Check out the video below.

Once the kitten is dug out, you can see the two guys play together. I didn’t even know rabbits were capable of goofing around with other species, but there you have it. Folks, I did not understand rabbits, nor did I understand their deep and infinite wealth of nobility. Go on, friends, play on you beautiful and adorable animals!

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