VIDEO: Cardi B Does James Corden’s CARPOOL KARAOKE

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In the spirit of the great musicians doing a nice little career victory lap, Cardi B has come on to James Corden’s Late Late Show for a nice little round of Carpool Karaoke. That’s right. Karaoke in a car, all for your amusement. Absorb it folks, absorb it.

In the segment, Cardi B learned to drive (kind of), explained her expression with ASMR and more. Cardi B talked about how she lost her baby weight, told children to stay in school through the car window, and most importantly, danced and rapped to her own music with James Corden doing his best to keep up.

Good luck James Corden. You will rap very great with Cardi B with more practice, this I promise.

Cardi B also discusses how she came up with her song “Bodak Yellow”, and the secret was… making good music! A lot of people, according to Cardi, were sleeping on her, and she had to make them realize. And Cardi also had to work past the idea that she was funny first and foremost, so she had to work through that and show the world that she’s serious! Worthy of note! A great and mighty musician not to be messed with!

James Corden also asks how Cardi B owes five cars when she can’t even drive! Cardi B explains — now that she owns five cars, she can rap about them! Corden then gives Cardi B a driving lesson. And look. She does her best. She knocks over a ton of cones, but she does her best. Cardi B blames the size of the car and then knocks over the camera recording the whole thing.

Breaking an expensive camera with a bad car turn gives “money moves” a much sadder context.


But I digress. The video is fantastic, and if you want to have a good video watching time, I can think of worse ways to spend fifteen minutes.

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