VIDEO: Cleveland Browns Catches Runaway Stadium Possum

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A video surfaced of a Cleveland Browns fan doing away with a stray possum.

Its incredible how certain animals are just synonymous with a specific way of life. If you see a rat, you know you’re somewhere that’s not the cleanest, even though all that rat wants is a nice piece of cheese or a bone or a raw finger to chew on! The same goes for that American ne’er do well, the possum! The possum is associated with a certain trashy lifestyle, a certain Southern lifestyle. Once in Boston I was walking through the South End and I saw a possum leap from a trash can. I thought it was a giant rat and it was the most scared I was walking through the city. So we have to take off our hats to the Cleveland fan in this video for heroically picking up this irritable little possum by the tail and tossing him into a box, much to the cheering of the Cleveland Brown fans.

Hell yeah! This wasn’t before the possum caused quite a bit of hell just running around the Cleveland Stadium. Run, little guy, run! They’re going to turn you into soup! Or send you to Boston to jump out of a trash can at me again and make me cry! Frankly we are glad you are now in box jail, where you belong, Mr. Possum.

Oh, and the Cleveland Browns won that night! Is the possum a good luck charm? Mayhaps? Is he vermin? Perchance? Is the video of him getting tossed into a box awesome/ opossum? Absolutely!

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