VIDEO: Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings) Has Her Baby And Ariana Grande Is Thrilled About It

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Colleen Ballinger aka the hilarious YouTube comedian behind Miranda Sings has had her baby. Miranda Sings is a character who hilariously covers popular songs and critiques others with comedic finesse. Miranda boasts 10 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, and has even appeared on major shows like Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars getting coffee.

The comedian and singer behind Miranda, Colleen Ballinger, is also good friends with Ariana Grande, dating all the way back to their early days in NYC before either became famous. As their careers blossomed, the two stayed friends and Ariana even featured Colleen in her recent Thank U Next video, where Colleen was noticeably very pregnant.

The 31 year old is engaged to boyfriend Erik Stocklin, and the two were featured together in the 2016 Miranda Sing Netflix series, Haters Back Off.

Colleen was thrilled to find out she was pregnant and shared her reaction on her channel. The baby was expected to come in the new year, but arrived a little earlier than expected. On December 10, Colleen posted on her twitter “here we go”, which had the internet buzzing with excited reactions, including a few from her good friend Ari.

Ariana responded with “omg. I love you so much Colleen.”


Colleen later posted on Twitter and Instagram just the words “He’s perfect”, implying the baby is a boy and also, if I am reading the Tweet correctly… very perfect.

But Colleen’s journey was not all sunshine and rainbows. She shared her struggles honestly in a video titled “i’m not doing well”. Colleen describes a time where a flight she was on had to be turned around and she had to be escorted off the plane by firefighters because she was fainting and vomiting.

Colleen shares how frustrating it is to see other women seemingly having no pain at all at 6 months, when she’s in so much pain. However, based on Colleen’s posts, it looks like her baby boy is happy and healthy.

Our congratulations to the new parents.

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