VIDEO: Craziest Makeup Trends of the Year 2018

From Painted Teeth to water bottle curls, this year had some interesting ideas about beauty. Today we’re counting down the most watched and most talked about beauty trends that went viral this year!
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From Painted Teeth to water bottle curls, this year had some interesting ideas about beauty. Today we’re counting down the most watched and most talked about beauty trends that went viral this year!

10. Water Bottle Curls

#WaterBottleChallenge Is The Weirdest Beauty Hack

People are using a water bottle to curl their hair in the latest beauty hack #WaterBottleChallenge

Posted by What's Trending Now on Tuesday, November 13, 2018

This beauty trend took over the internet showing ladies curling their hair with water bottles. To do the trick, cut a hole is the bottle and feed a strand of hair through. Point a blow dryer into the bottle and pull the strand out to reveal a perfect curl.

Or at least, that’s what it’s supposed to do. Unfortunately, not everyone got those results, which is perhaps why the trend went viral.

9. Fishtail Brows

Fishtail Brows Are a Thing Now

These fishtail brows are absolutely BONKERS, but you might actually like them! Here's how you can recreate this new Instagram trend 🙌 See more:

Posted by Cosmopolitan on Monday, March 5, 2018

This brow trend swept across social media after one user decided to use photoshop to turn the first part of her brow upside down. Soon after, many beauty bloggers figured out how to do it IRL, and thus fishtail brows became a thing. By employing brow filler and concealer, these bloggers were able to turn themselves into mermaids.

8. Halo Brows

Speaking of weird brows, check out this trend called “Halo Brows” . Started by the same girl who did Fishtail brows, halo brows are just as weird. Tons of people took to social media to post their own versions of this bizarre trend, but these halos aren’t very angelic.

7. Yellow Blush

This trend took over instagram replacing pinkie blush with neon yellow. And even though this is a wild idea… some people were actually able to pull it off. The look gives a more editorial look for photos, but I’m not gonna be trying this one myself any time soon.

6. Corkscrew Nails

Nail art is always a big trend on social media, but these nails are…interesting. This trend turns your nails into swirly cork screws and it looks cool…

But is it functional??

These acrylic nails are shaped and dried, and when they’re done, you’re ready to not be able to hold anything for a while. Can you imagine trying to type or text?

Now this next nail trend is much more functional but just as weird.

5. Ulrasound Nails

Expecting mom have now started having their baby’s ultrasounds painted on their nails, and even though this is kind of bizarre, you have to hand it to thee nail artists… Just look at how intricate these details are!

And you know those moms would be mad if you messed that up.

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1+1=4 🙊💕 Som flera av er säkert redan har misstänkt så ligger det en liten bebis i min mage. Inte bara en har vi fått reda på, utan TVÅ! 🙊 Vi väntar tvillingar!! 👶🏻👶🏻💕 Jag vet inte än hur länge min kropp kommer orka jobba, men jag är beräknad 21 december (tvillingar kommer ofta runt 1 månad för tidigt). Första steget är att jag inte längre regelbundet kommer att jobba till 20-23 på kvällarna, utan se till att hålla mig (så gott det går) runt 18.00 när jag egentligen ska vara klar för dagen. Detta kommer göra att möjligheten till sena eftermiddagstider kommer att minska. Så småningom kommer jag med största sannolikhet även att behöva minska med någon dag i veckan, så se till att vara ute i god tid för att få en tid som passar! Så länge jag och bebisarna mår bra och så länge kroppen orkar så kommer jag att jobba på, men hälsan och våra barn går i första hand, så om kroppen säger stopp så måste jag lyssna. Det gör att ju längre fram i höst vi kommer, desto större är risken att jag kan behöva boka om eller avboka helt. Hoppas på eran förståelse! 💕 @lightelegancehq

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This is insane.

4. Fish Scale Hair

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So dope 😍🐠 @caitlintyczka

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This hair style is so intense. First, the bottom of your hair is shaved to look like fish scales…then the hair artist paints is silver and.. voila! you have fish scales on your head…yay!! But you don’t have to be limited to silver…you can also use fun rainbow colors, and be a rainbow fish!

3. Rainbow Part

Check out this part, that uses all the wonderful colors of the rainbow, and I”m not gonna lie this is actually pretty cool. This trend doesn’t turn your whole head into a rainbow, just your roots. The process is pretty extensive, but the results are very mermaid chic..

But if these colors are too bright for you, there’s a spinoff of the trend…

2. Watercolor Hair

These softer colors are much more subtle, and are giving more an an icy mermaid unicorn vibe.

And finally, number 1…

1. Painted Teeth

Having pearly whites is so last year. This trend is employing tooth polish to change the color of your teeth to match your outfit or makeup. (But honestly, this happens to me every time I drink Kool-Aid or Gatorade, and I don’t think anybody thinks its cute.)

And there you have it! The top 10 Weird Makeup Trends of the year! Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at