VIDEO: David Dobrik Dubbed a ‘HORRIBLE PERSON’ by Trisha Paytas For Manipulation

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David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad were put on blast by Trisha Paytas for being “horrible people”.

YouTube creator and mukbang queen Trisha Paytas has a lot going on, with music videos from her new album “CHICKEN PARM AND HEARTBREAK” on the way, meanwhile dodging controversy over resurfaced Trump-supporting videos, which had many people claiming she was cancelled.

But in the wake of her new song Six Feet Under, which fans overwhelmingly loved and supported (while others dragged for copying My Chemical Romance), Trisha uploaded a video that came as a shock to many of her fans blasting long time friend and popular YouTube creator David Dobrik and boyfriend Jason Nash.

The video is titled ‘Why David Dobrik is a HORRIBLE Human Being’ It it she said that Jason is disgusting, David is a horrible person, and offered Jason Nash a Ferrari if he can talk Trisha into engaging in a threesome with him and another girl in a vlog. Trisha credits these vlogs with the reason she and Nash broke up, crediting the manipulative elements of his personality.

Trisha not only blames boyfriend Jason, she turns the tables on David saying he should not have egged on this joke. The also put some other members of the Vlog squad on blast airing some of their dirty laundry, including gossip that had a lot of fans gagging.

David Dobrik is a popular creator, with over 10M Subscribers. In fact his break up video with ex girlfriend and fellow creator Liza Koshy was one of the most watched videos on YouTube in 2018. As is common in “stan” culture, David’s fans are having a hard time believing that he is a horrible human being causing a bit of a divide between Trisha and his fandoms.

Both Trisha and David’s videos have since been deleted with no public comment from either side at the time of this recording.


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