VIDEO: Deer Jumps Clear Over Moving Car

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I know what you monsters out there crave. Excitement, entanglements: man wrestling with nature and coming out nature’s peer! It is the story as old as time as humanity walks deep into the cave only to discover it is a much better cave than he originally thought and all of the animals just want to get into extremely fun races with you! Take for example — this deer trying to race a car! Speeding, speeding on its tiny hooves as it outraces that pathetic bit of Earth destroying machinery that man created to be able to keep up with such animal! (Jovially, we call it a car, and know that it’s cutesy moniker is to hide our shame that we shall never be nature’s equal.)

And barely keep up with the great beast this man’s mortal vehicle barely does. The deer races against it, runs mightily, and then, amazingly enough, clears it! Leaping right over the moving vehicle as the man gazes on in shock! And why wouldn’t he be!? Normally when a deer meets a car its only end result is tragedy! Here? It results in thrills and thankfully, minimal spills.

Kudos to you, man of nature. Still, as a comment points out, there was no reason for you not to slow down. What a weird thing to do.

Do you want more deer based content? Well, check out this video of a deer hitting a man. Why not! It’s a deer hitting a man! The man survives, don’t worry. It’s basically the opposite of the video above. Or, if that’s not enough for you, how about this video of a deer taking a dip in a New Jersey pool. Gross, right? New Jersey… a cheap punchline but also… a place I’ve never ben to. The world continues to be a complicated and multi faceted place!

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