VIDEO: Dog Does Not Want Video Taken

By Alex Firer
A dog known as Mr. Bubz or Mr. Bubbles had nothing but negative emotion towards having his adorable dog face recorded.

Look, imagine you’re a dog. And now imagine someone picks up your entire body to prepare you for some kind of cute video that you want simply nothing to do with. Not one bit. It’s damn troubling, isn’t it? Well, that is exactly what went down in an Instagram posted by James William Penland. The video is posted with the subtitle: “Mr Bubz and I have a very special relationship.” Mr. Bubz is a dog, and indeed hate is a special relationship indeed, that must be witnessed below! Check it out!

Each of the dog’s emotions is so shockingly human to what it must feel like to be picked up and forced to be in someone’s video. Fearful anger, then you’re led to a place of depression, then you rise out of it like a damn Phoenix, barking your write to righteous tiny dog anger at the wrongful way you have been handled by your owner! Bark bark, indeed, folks! Bark bark, indeed!

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