VIDEO: Elle Mills REVEALS Struggles with Eating Disordered

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Elle Mills has lost weight and her fans are noticing. Unfortunately, her weight loss method is not something she recommends. Elle Mills is a YouTube sensation who shot to fame in 2017. She currently has over 1.5M Subscribers, and s known for her unique storytelling style and quirky personality. At the height of her fame, Elle opened up to her viewers about struggling with burnout early last year.

Since then, Elle has been inspiring her followers by prioritizing mental health while she walks through her own journey, including coming out as bisexual in 2017, and becoming an inspiration to many, and her latest video is no exception. Elle has been losing weight and revealed that she did not originally plan on talking about it.

Elle goes on to describe her disordered eating habits, which damaged her body. However, Elle shares that she recognized the disordered patterns, told her friends, and got help. Now, she feels proud to say that while she’s still working through her own struggles, she’s on the right path to healthy living and is encouraging her viewers to do the same.

Elle’s followers have been very supportive, leaving hundreds of positive comments thanking her for opening up about this issue. If you think you might be dealing with disordered eating, there are many resources for getting help, including

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