VIDEO: Extremely Good Dog Rings House’s Doorbell To Get Back In

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It’s been a hell of an awful week, and I think what we need right now, beyond anything, is footage of an extremely and exceptionally good dog. I think the video of this three month old golden retriever trying to ring his family’s doorbell (the doorbell makes a knocking noise) to get back in should do the trick! Three months old and he’s already ringing doorbells!? Damn, this is an exceptionally and absurdly good dog! Check out the video of the bona (bone-a) fide cutie below!

Damn, this is a good sweet dog. Frankly, we’re just glad the little guy didn’t get lost for good, and we’re glad the little guy understood the complexities of doorbell technology. Most importantly though, I’m gld this unbelievably, mind blowingly good dog didn’t get confused by the fact that the doorbell makes a knocking sound effect like I did. Damn dog is clearly better at solving complex problems than I am.

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