VIDEO: Family Calls 911 on Some Whales

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Gang, some times the entries I write during the day all follow a theme. Wether the theme is “celebrities giving their political opinions” or “dogs do crazy and sweet stuff“, it’s clear that the energy of the day forces out a very specific type of story, and today… we are getting no less than two full fledged entries about police involvement with a wild animal who knows not the laws of man. The first was the police getting involved in this rogue squirrel CPR case, and the second is this amazing video traveling around social media of a family who is so afraid of some peaceful whales they can be heard on camera calling 911 on them. Before we discuss the incredible video, what it means and what it is all about, I urge you to just check it out below.

We can hear the man driving the small boat — ostensibly the patriarch of this family — marveling at the beauty of the wahles as his family freaks out behind him. And he is right to marvel, how rare is it that whales come up this close and let us see their beautiful selves? However, I can also relate to his family behind him, absolutely freaking out and begging him to drive the little boat out of the way. When we finally get to the part where someone pulls out their phone and calls the police to report on three grey whales, their panic is at full throttle and incredibly, does NOTHING to destroy this father’s sense of wonder! Nothing as squalid as a 911 call can stop him from appreciating the beauties of nature, to which I say – more power to you, sir.

But also — what power does the person on the phone think that the police can have over whales in the middle of the ocean. The obvious lack of manpower aside, why, even the police know that the whales only follow one law. That’s right, we’re talkin’–





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