VIDEO: Ferret Keeps Dragging Human To Meet Her Babies

A ferret kept dragging its owner's hand to pet its newborn children so our hearts are about to burst.
By Alex Firer

Look, folks. At the end of the day you need to unwind. You need something to feed the soul. You need the purest thing the internet can spit out at you which, in this case, has to be this video of a ferret who desperately just wants the human taking care of him to pet his new babies. It’s sweet. Check out the video below.

Now, normally I have no idea if pets like ferrets are even aware if we’re alive or not. But this one is not only aware, it sees this human as the first person it wants to show off its newfound progeny to. “Gaze upon them and feel them with your small fingers! Are they not good!? Are they not wonderful! My children be the blessed!”

Look, life is stressful, and humans don’t think we’re good, but at least ferrets think we’re good, and that can’t count for nothing, can it? This ferret wants this hand to pet it and its children! We provided something that brought joy to an animal vis a vis the human touch! That folks, is not nothing!

Remember our other cute animal videos? Such as all the great stuff we have about raccoons? We got raccoons getting so high they need emergency care, we got raccoons scaling some dang buildings, heck, we even got fat raccoons getting stuck in grates! What’s cuter raccoons or ferrets? What about raccoons stuck in grates who adore the human touch? I’m just saying there are options

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