VIDEO: Fousey Explains Lengthy Social Media Break Due To Mental Health

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Fousey is now explaining he went dark on YouTube and social media after a “manic episode” this summer.

ousef Erakat aka FouseyTube is a popular internet prankster turned motivational personality who got caught in some drama after his event “Hate Dies, Love Arrives”, where Fousey said Drake was supposed to make an appearance, but the event was cancelled due to a bomb threat.

Unfortunately, Drake and his team claimed they did not know about the event and many questioned whether or not the bomb threat was real or just a convenient way to cancel the event when Drake couldn’t be booked. This caused many to question Fousey’s mental health as he has been open in the past about his bipolar disorder, and in April 2018, Fousey had announced he was entering a rehab facility for addiction.

Fousey suddenly vanished from YouTube and social media and fans began wondering where he went. He even started turning over his channel to his fans, posting their videos for his over 10M subscribers. After taking a substantial break, Fousey has posted a letter to his fans on instagram, explaining everything.

Fousey wrote: “This summer I suffered a very public and humiliating manic episode that really flipped my life upside down. I had just come off of my medications for the first time in years and foolishly used adderall as a substitute. What I thought was new found motivation and inspiration was really an out of control manic episode that took control of me and changed my life forever. There’s much to the story that is yet to be explained. I’ve fallen many times in my life. But this year was the first time I actually hit rock bottom. I grew up in my 20’s living and hiding behind a camera. Using social media as a drug to escape from my real problems. I am still on the path to recovery, with no end date in sight. “⠀⠀⠀⠀

Taking a break from the internet is definitely a good move for anyone struggling with their mental health.

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