VIDEO: French Horse Runs Through Bar

A horse threw off its jockey and ran through a betting bar in Chantilly by Paris, France.
By Alex Firer

Animals gaining their freedom is always a beautiful choice of video, so long as those animals are relatively safe or like– forced to run for a crowd of degenerate gamblers in order to avoid a trip to the glue factory. Well, we believe the race horse in this video, seen flying a bar by a betting track in Chantilly is completely in that category. Run, old boy, run! Don’t let them gamble on your incredible strength! Flee! Check out the video of this incredible escape below.

So how did the horse escape? The internet undoubtedly had some questions about that. Well, between the track and the stables, the horse’s jockey fell off. Seeing an out, the horse made its great leap for freedom before being apprehended in the parking lot.

The horse reportedly ran for one kilometer (or 0.6 miles) before being captured and returned to the track, and the horse’s trainer, Jean-Marie Béguigné, said the horse has “a penchant for escape”.

A glorious animal with a penchant for escape? Hmmm. Sounds like a fun Disney movie to me!

I guess the only question left is regarding this horse’s face and the bartender’s reaction when he saw his face. Did the bartender say… why the long face, echoing the classic joke wherein a horse enters and is asked about his incredible face? Did a mushroom enter and demand to let it be known he was a fun guy? Are we in the dorky joke-a-verse? Thankfully not yet. We’re just in the making horse race universe. If that’s any better, I have no idea. As long as this horse has an exciting penchant for escape, we are in.

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