VIDEO: Fried Sausages Are SCREAMING

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The science behind it seems complex – something to do with the liquid hitting the hot frying oil – but the results remain clear. These sausages, the hot dogs, these pure rolls of meat 100% sound like they’re screaming in the pan. The liquid escaping their sausage bodies into the oil sounds exactly like the tiny screams of cute little creatures frying and knowing their fate. Like, they’re screaming, but not so bad that it could ever ruin your meal. It’s cute, it’s sweet. Check out the video of the cute little scream snacks below.

Now, this video quietly went viral over the weekend, what with it seeming like a living Adventure Time gag or an outtake from the much less funny than Adventure, but much more sausage filled than Adventure Time, Sausage Party. Mashable, when reporting on this video, discovered that there was just a massive smorgasbord of videos of little saucies screaming up a storm as the liquid is released from their little sausage bodies.

Boy, doesn’t it just remind you all these sausages are made of animals who probably once screamed? Boy oh boy. Oh well, what am I going to do? Eat celery? Celery doesn’t even scream. Shake my damn head!

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