VIDEO: Guy Doesn’t Gets Rejected For Kiss on Live TV For New Year’s

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Hey, to all you cool guys out there, to all of you cool guys whose knowledge of consent is mostly informed by porn and romantic movies — if you want to kiss someone on New Year’s make sure they want to kiss you too. They might! Don’t leave it up to the final moment to decide if smooches are in the cards for you or not! Fellas! It’s simple, my dudes! Ask, then you’ll get a yes or no, and then the entire internet won’t be laughing at you as they marvel at the woman absolutely bewildered by you trying to suck up on her face in front of the national cameras.

Watch the video. Gaze at it. Be shocked. Be amazed. Appalled. And take it as a lesson — what you want isn’t the only important thing on New Year’s. What others want is kind of important too. Oof. Buddy. Your smooches. They uhh. Look. They made us feel weird. And hey, here’s another promise you’ve got to make yourself. If you’ve got to kiss someone on New Year’s, if you’ve absolutely got to kiss someone on New Year’s, please, make sure you both want to share your saliva sharing on national TV.

People should play this video in sex ed classes when teaching consent. You don’t want to end up like this guy, do you? Ruining people’s New Year’s AND their TV watching experiences? Come on buddy! Cut it out!

Hey, you! Do you want to see more videos of huge creeps going in for kisses they should not go for? Here’s a guy doing that at the World Cup right now! Want to see a better kiss based video? Here’s a mama gorilla kissing her newborn son if you want to see good people kisses.

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