VIDEO: Half Blind Elephant Loves To Hear The Piano

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Hey folks, I hope you’re sitting down, because you are going to stand right up when I tell you about an adorable elephant who loves to listen to classical music. Specifically folks, this is not a dumb elephant. He loves the works of Debussy, and even more specifically, “Claire De Lune”. While most elephants love to hear phrases such as “hey, it’s peanut time” and “daddy has peanuts for the baby, the baby being you the elephant”, this elephant it different. Why, nothing makes it happier than classical music, a fact it affirms with a big old flap of the ears. Look at how overjoyed they are listening to “Claire De Lune”, a song that has absolutely nothing to do with a peanut or multiple peanuts!

The elephant is named Ampan, an 80 year old elephant in Thailand who lives on a reservation called Elephant World. Ampan is blind in one eye, so they gets a lot out of the music. Check out the entire YouTube channel from Paul Barton, for nothing but footage of blind elephants listening to beautiful music. Elephants are perfect. This is my hot take on elephants. Each of these videos will absolutely break your heart.

Now that we have a music listening elephant, who knows what we can regale them with next? I’ve always wanted an elephant who can enjoy the fine music of Sparks, or maybe The Notorious B.I.G. Look, I’ll hedge my bets though. This elephant likes classical music, I’ll play my third grade recorder rendition of the first few notes of Beethoven’s fifth. It was a hit then, it’ll be a hit now! This elephant doesn’t even know recorders are for huge babies! I win!

I promise I will do everything in my power to give the elephant its dream: putting lyrics about peanuts and their extreme deliciousness over any and all classical music pieces. The job will take a while, but I will make it so.

What do you think of this ear flapping beautiful creature? Does the elephant flap their ears good or flap their ears very good? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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