VIDEO: Here Are Some Golden Globes SNUBS

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Well folks, the annual awards season is upon us when all great cinema, television and literature is ranked in definitive scale in a way both heart stopping and meaningless (because hey, you love the art you love, right?) and the 2019 Golden Globe nominations are here to make you laugh, make you cry, and bring a tear to your putrid eye.

So the nominees– what did we make of them. Well, for one a lot of unexpected additions. Mary Poppins Returns is one of the best movies of the year, apparently? I guess I’ll have to see it. But there’s no way it’s better than Sorry to Bother You, the biggest snub of them all, right? And what about Atlanta!? Where’s Atlanta for Best Comedy? Or how about Ryan Coogler for Best Director!? What, you think Black Panther directed itself. Well, come now…

And nothing for “This Is Us” in the Best Drama Category? Come now! Come now! Look, reading complaint sis all well and good, but come now! We all cry our little eyes out at this show, and our tears are worth not an awards, true? Insult upon insult, this is what I declare!

As always though, animated fare doesn’t get to compete with mainstream fare, which means the show to top so many critics’ end of year lists, Bojack Horseman, gets nary a shoutout. Come on! The horse went to his mother’s funeral and then got implicated in the Me Too movement! What is a horse to do, I ask you!?

But that’s all preference. We can’t pretend any list where Roma is so heavily represented is particularly bad, so again, all personal taste, and it’s just our absolute love for the material that came out this year that fuels this list, and the steam that comes out of my ears when I see just how few nominations Bo Burnham got for Eighth Grade. It was great! Come on, Globes!

What movie that got snubbed do you want to see on the list? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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